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Installation of TeamViewer on Ubuntu via SSH (Terminal)


When I searched a solution to access remotely my Unity desktop on 14.04, I have faced with a little problem. It appears to be that all the solutions I found (xdrp, RealVNC, X11 forwarding) might only work with 2D desktop environments like as XFCE, Mate (the first two solutions) or can only forward “raw” X apps’ renders (the last solution). No one of it fit my needs.

The only solution that fits needs was the TeamViewer.  It’s not hundred percent a UNIX solution, but it appears to be the only one solution that can give me access to Unity 3D session. Ok, I thought, let’s install TeamViewer! But, I was have only SSH access to my Ubuntu box.


If you will try to install TeamViewer 64bit deb you will be fail because in Ubuntu 14.04 (amd64) and above the lib32asound2 package was removed which on the TeamViewer 64bit depends. Though, we will install i386 package of TeamViwer. Enough words!

$ cd ~/Downloads && wget
$ sudo dpkg –add-architecture i386
$ sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/teamviewer_i386.deb
$ sudo cp -v /opt/teamviewer/tv_bin/script/teamviewerd.sysv /etc/init.d/teamviewerd
$ sudo teamviewer daemon enable
$ sudo teamviewer daemon start
$ sudo update-rc.d teamviewerd defaults
$ sudo teamviewer --passwd <at least 8 characters>
$ sudo reboot

Reconnect to your Ubuntu box after it was rebooted and type in SSH terminal:

sudo teamviwer info

There you will see version of TeamViewer, ID of your TeamViewer to connect to and the TeamViewer daemon status.

That’s all. Grab your TeamViewer ID and remotely enjoy your Unity 3D session =).